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Our Journey Across the Hall

Hey there! Sierra Hall here! As the owner of AHB I want to personally welcome you to our BRAND NEW online boutique, and give you a little back story on our journey!

To start I will tell you that I recently married the man of my dreams!!! Thank you, thank you! Joe and I met 3 years ago and were married in September:) Thus, where the name "Across the Hall" came from!

I, Sierra Marie Hall, admittedly, have an obsession with Boutiques. I love ALL THINGS BOUTIQUE, but mostly the clothes! I won't lie... I love the thought of having adorable clothes more than I love the thought of actually waking up in the morning with enough time to put together a super cute outfit. Erg... Me, and mornings...NOT a good combo. This hatred, and the fact that I run a daycare (no need to dress like I'm headed to the office) led to many days wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I have a style,-a super cute one at that, if i do say so myself-but I'm too lazy to show it off!  A few months ago I thought to myself "Self, you can't be the only person with this problem..." So i dug in to a solution. 

I combined my obsession for boutique clothing, and my hatred for getting dressed up in the morning for work, and built an online clothing boutique! I decide which clothes to put in my store based on their ability to be

1. super cute alone!

2. dressed up easily with layers, or accessories!

And there you have it! The Journey Across the Hall!!!

I hope you enjoy browsing through the store, and that you are able to fill your closet with clothes that keep you looking stylish!